Monthly Links Round-Up #1

The monthly links round-up gathers things read, kept and found interesting, always about food, cooking and anything else to do with food.
Chaque mois, le links round-up rassemble articles, podcasts et plus trouvés intéressants et gardés sous le coude ; et comme toujours, tout tourne autour de la nourriture. (Note : la grande majorité de ces articles et podcasts sont en anglais.)

  • The excellent podcast Gastropod‘s latest episode is about… Fake Food. To listen with their earlier episode Grand Theft Food and the Kitchen Sisters’ episode about Atomic Wine (and counterfeited old bottles) for a fascinating if worrying look at a behind the scenes of the food world the public is not often confronted with…until horse meat is found in hamburgers.
  • Lucky Peach, the quarterly journal of food and writing and seriously cool illustrations, is sadly no more. Many articles are however still available on their website, and the feature interview with Ron Finley from the winter 2016 is not to be missed. Changing Culture Through Agriculture hits on many of the themes that inspired the creation of Screaming Zucchini.

Have you read, seen or heard anything interesting this month? Leave a comment!
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